The Japan Rail Pass

What you need to know

Whether it’s your first visit to Japan, or you just want to see as many of the biggest tourist attractions and cities as possible, the Japan Rail Pass is the best way to go! The Japan Rail Pass (JRP) is for tourists visiting Japan for a limited time (less than 90 days), for a trip/vacation. How does it work? It’s simple!

You can’t purchase the JRP once you’re already in Japan, so you have to purchase a voucher for it before you leave on your trip. Then, you can turn in that voucher for the JRP once you arrive in Japan, at any JRP exchange office (most can be found at the airport or train stations). You can order the voucher easily online when you book your trip, and decide how many days you’ll be using it. In addition to this voucher, you’ll also need to bring your stamped passport along in order to get your JRP once you’re in the country. Once you purchase the voucher, you’ll have three months to get it exchanged, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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Important information

While you can certainly just walk up to a train at any time and grab a seat, you can also take advantage of reservations, or booking a seat ahead of time at no additional charge on JRP trains. This can be useful during busier seasons, like spring and fall.

There are several regional trains that do not accept the Japan Rail Pass, and for those, you will need to purchase additional fares. This includes a couple of the ‘bullet trains,’ including Nozomi and Mizuho. Fares for these trains are typically fairly low.

Who can use the JR Pass?

When it comes to getting a JRP in the first place, you cannot be a Japanese citizen. You also cannot use the JRP for business or military use in the country. It was originally designed to boost tourism and stimulate the economy, and is still used for people on holiday in the area. You can, however, sign someone else up for the JRP, but they cannot be a Japanese citizen, either.

The only way a Japanese ‘citizen’ can get a JRP for any length of time is if they have dual-citizenship somewhere, and they use the other country’s passport to exchange their initial voucher. From there, the same rules still apply, and they must be in the country for 90 days or less while using the pass.

You have the right of permanent residence in that country you’re living (not in Japan!). Take the original documents with you to Japan. You‘re married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other then Japan. Take the original documents with you to Japan.

There is truly no better economic way to see as much of Japan as possible on a single trip than by using the Japan Rail Pass. So many major railway networks have signed onto using it because of its effectiveness, and because of how many people take advantage of it every single day. Japan is full of incredible sights and cities, and the JRP is a great way to ensure you don’t miss any of them while on your trip. It’s fast, convenient, affordable, and one of the best ways to get around this island country.

Your JR Pass Voucher must be exchanged into a JR Pass within three months of the date the order was issued. Prime Travel Asia provides a booklet with all addresses of the exchange office.

Classes and prices

Type & duration2nd class (Ordinary)1st class (Green)
7 days29110 Yen14550 Yen38880 Yen19440 Yen
14 days46390 Yen23190 Yen62950 Yen31470 Yen
21 days59350 Yen29670 Yen81870 Yen40930 Yen

* Child = 6 – 11 years (children bellow 6 years don’t pay)

Always at the current daily price

The prices above are in YEN (¥) and for one JR Pass. These prices will always be converted using the current daily exchange rate in CHF.

How to order the JR Pass

Online here <= please click

No handling fee and no delivery charges

You’re already in Japan?

We’ll send your JR-Pass to Japan with express delivery (additional express-fee).

Only for customers in Switzerland:

You’re in a hurry?

Come to our office ! We’ll issue your JR-Pass instantly.
CHF 20.— handling fee per JR Pass

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