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Are you planning a trip to Japan? Here you can find further online offers for hotels, Wifi, transport from the airport and hotels, domestic flights, crusing, car rentals.


HRS is a hotel booking portal for business and private travelers. More than 300,000 hotels in 190 countries and over 400,000 holiday homes and apartments in Europe are bookable via the portal.


With Pocket-WiFi from our partner NinjaWiFi you can always be connected to the Internet at the best conditions during your stay in Japan.


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Domestic flights

For travelers to Japan, we offers any destination across Japan for only JPY 13,000 per flight including code share flights.
*Fares and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Additional conditions apply.

You can purchase two to five coupons at the following fares:

No. of CouponsFareConsumption Tax
2JPY 26,000JPY 2,080
3JPY 39,000JPY 3,120
4JPY 52,000JPY 4,160
5JPY 65,000JPY 5,200
  • *Eligible routes: All domestic ANA routes within Japan
  • *Consumption tax does not apply to the domestic sectors immediately connecting to/from international flights provided that the connection time between the domestic flight and the international flight is less than 24 hours.
  • *Additional airport fees apply.

Always at the current daily price

The prices above are in YEN (¥) and for 2-5 pieces ANA Pass.

These prices will always be converted using the current daily exchange rate in CHF.



Car rental by Sunny Cars

With our partner Sunny Cars GmbH, we know you in good hands.


Of course you may order your Japan Rail Pass easy here. Just choose your Japan Rail Pass by clicking into the wished duration and classes by the arrows. Up will increase the count and down decrease your count, or just type in your wished count of Japan Rail Passes. If you have any question about ordering the Japan Rail Pass look at the FAQ or contact us.

Travel insurance

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hotels wifi taxi transport domestic flight cruising car rental Railway travel insurance

How to order the JR Pass

Online here <= please click

No handling fee and no delivery charges

You’re already in Japan?

We’ll send your JR-Pass to Japan with express delivery (additional express-fee).

Only for customers in Switzerland:

You’re in a hurry?

Come to our office ! We’ll issue your JR-Pass instantly.
CHF 20.— handling fee per JR Pass

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hotels wifi taxi transport domestic flight cruising car rental Railway travel insurance