Frequently Asked Questions

«Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?»

If you're a first-time visitor to Japan, or you plan on doing a lot of traveling within the country while you're on your trip, absolutely. It makes it affordable, convenient, and easy to get to Japan's major cities and some of the most famous tourist attractions.

«How to use the Japan Rail Pass?»

When using the JRP, don't go through the ticket line. Instead, show your JRP and passport to someone working near the ticket booth, and you can hop on any train you'd like within the Japan Railways. You can use your JRP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

«How to buy the Japan Rail Pass?»

You cannot purchase the Japan Rail Pass in Japan - it must be purchased before you arrive in the country. You'll receive an exchange voucher that you can turn in for your pass, once you arrive in Japan.

«Does japan rail pass cover narita express?»

Yes! Your JRP can take you from the airport (Narita Express) right into Tokyo, or connect with any other train in the Japan Railways system.

«How much does the JRP cost?»

The overall cost of the JRP depends on how many days you'll be using it for, and which class you choose; second, or Green. A seven-day pass, for example, will typically cost between 250 - 300 USD.

«Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass Online?»

There are many different websites where you can purchase a JRP, including We're official Japan Rail Pass licence holder, since 20 years.

«How to activate the JR Pass?»

Once you arrive in Japan, you simply take your voucher and passport to any railway station (or even at the airport when you arrive), and you can get it exchanged for the JR Pass - then, you're ready to ride!

«What is the JRP?»

The Japan Rail Pass is a convenient, affordable way to let tourists visiting the country of Japan travel the railway system with ease. Used on six different networks of railways, the JRP can take tourists just about anywhere they'd like to go for major cities and sites within the country.

«How to get the Japan Railways Ticket?»

The JRP can be purchased online at any time before making the trip to Japan. It cannot be purchased in Japan, so you'll want to order it with your itinerary for traveling in mind.

«When to buy the JR Pass?»

You have to use the JRP within 90 days of purchasing the voucher online, so be sure to buy it within that time frame when it comes to your travel dates.

«Should I buy the Rail Pass?»

If you're looking for a safe, reliable, cost-effective way to see the best sights in Japan, absolutely! There is no quicker way to get around to some of the most famous locations.

«What does the JRP cover?»

The JRP covers the Japan Railway Network, made up of six different railway systems. Be sure to look for the 'JR' logo in train stations to figure out which trains to take.

«Can you buy the JR Pass in Japan?»

No, it must be bought ahead of time and outside Japan.

«How does the JR Pass work?»

With your JRP, you can get on any train, any time of day, that is within the JR Network. These trains go to all major cities in Japan. You don't need to book ahead or pay any extra fees - just show your pass, and hop on!

«What Shinkansen can I use with the Japan Rail Pass?»

You can take the Hikari or Sakura Shinkansen with the JRP, not the Nozomi or the Mizuho.

«Can JR pass be used with Tokyo subways?»

Unfortunately, it cannot - it can only be used on JR-operated lines, but there are plenty of JR alternatives to the inner-city metro.

«Which JR pass should I buy?»

You should consider which type of pass to buy when you're planning out your trip, and the length of your stay. Your itinerary and pass-length should match up.

«Does the japan rail pass cover the Shinkansen (bullet train)?»

The JRP covers the Hikari and Sakura bullet trains.

«How long does it take to get a japan rail pass?»

Our Special delivery services will have your voucher to you within 2-3 days after your initial purchase.

«What is a JR East pass?»

The JR East pass is a discounted pass available to tourists visiting the country who will only be taking the JR East line of trains during their stay.

«What is a JR West pass?»

The JR West pass is a discounted pass available to tourists visiting the country who will only be taking the JR West line of trains during their stay.

«What is a JR Kanto Pass?»

The JR Kanto pass is a special, discounted pass available to tourists visiting the country who will only be using the Kanto trains, around the city of Tokyo, during their stay.

«Is the JR Pass unlimited?»

Yes, for the number of days you've selected, you can use your JR pass as many times as you'd like, any time of day.

«What are JR Pass Green Cars?»

Green cars are essentially the 'first class' sections of Japan Railways. They offer more room and other amenities.

«Is a first class japan rail pass worth it?»

It can be, during busier seasons when the standard trains can become quite full, or if you're traveling with young children and would like more room.

«Why is the Japan Rail Pass So Expensive?»

It's actually an extremely affordable, economic option if you want to see as much of Japan as possible in a short amount of time, since you can use it any time of day, as many times as you want. You don't have to pay for each individual use - just one, upfront cost.

«Is the Japan Rail Pass Legit?»

Absolutely! It's used by some of the biggest railway networks in the country.

«Is the Japan Rail Pass Refundable?»

In most cases, yes. If your voucher hasn't yet been exchanged, you can usually get a refund within a year of your initial purchase.

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